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Title: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: bracken on October 20, 2016, 03:28:39 PM



Andre Russell, Kevin Primmer, Steve Frakes, Richard Dunnett, Russ Whitmore, Martin Mayers, Steve Naylor, Gary Cragg, Brian Heald, Tony Parker, Dave Williams.


John Even, Phil Pickard, Jim Shaliker, Guy Wardle, Dave Carrie, Ivan Slack, Dave Minogue, John Dagnall, Chris Knight,
Mick Megee.


There are no matters arising from the 2015 AGM, the minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record, proposed by Steve Frakes and seconded by Ric Dunnett.


Number of paid up members stands at 77 and we have 5 honorary members. 2 new members have joined in the last month or so but no fee has been received due to issues with PayPal on the web site. Both members will be present at Ladybower in a November. Steve Frakes will chase up payment for us. Web site issues will be discussed as part of any other business.

In terms of finance we have £1275.48 in the account. We had £746 in out goings this year mainly due to the web administration charge which was held over last year, and the angling Trust membership / Insurance. With money on hand there was no discussion on membership fees as we feel that there is no need to increase fees just to put money in the bank.  

Ric Dunnett proposed acceptance of the balance sheet, seconded Dave Williams, meeting agreed.


Well an interesting season, a new points system introduced and basically on trial as it came about after a split vote at last year’s AGM.

In the early meetings we saw some very big attendance with some big points on offer for this year’s championship. The competitive amongst us found that there was a little more edge, as it seemed to be more important to record a win when you’re in a field of say 18 anglers. Personally, I was a little worried that anglers amassing really high points in the first half of the season may lose the incentive to fish the latter half if there was basically nothing to be gained from attending. In reality this didn’t happen and we saw good attendance levels toward the end and right up to the Steve Parton Memorial fished last weekend.

I’m sure there will be more debate on the new system and this is a topic for any other business today, I welcome any feedback.

United Utilities have paid their annual ‘lip service’ to our requests to discuss the re-introduction of float tubing on their waters. We continue to make representation to them, Martin Mayers has co-ordinated this on my behalf and I am grateful to him for this. I am committed to supporting Martin and will attend any meeting that UU agree to. Unfortunately though, I do think they are ‘fobbing us off’ and I would be very surprised if this goes any further, time will tell. How pleasing it is though on the other hand to see the SW Water Trust offering more water for us to fish and putting up a trophy, sponsored by Snowbee, for the individual with the best results returned on their fisheries. We offer our thanks for the support of both parties, remember that the SW trophy is open to all members you will need to fish four competitions to qualify for the trophy.

So to the season in a little more detail. The Steve Parton Memorial was a close event this year, but I am pleased to announce that the Tubers retained the trophy for 2016. The event was very well supported and I’d like to place on record my thanks to the members that made up our team, particularly our ‘special needs’ section who to a man got off of their sick beds, consumed the EU pain killer mountain prior to launch and gave 100% for the duration of the competition. The fishing was ‘challenging’ but everyone did their bit and contributed well to the team. I was the first to bag up in the competition and I was followed in by two boat anglers who registered their limits for similar weights. I must admit that watching from the bank I was a little nervous as to which way the result was going to go, however in my normal soft, gentle and encouraging manner, I shouted instructions at those of us that were plainly fishing in the wrong area that they may wish to reconsider their tactics - ultimately this paid off. It was very close at the weigh in but our star of 2016 Ric tipped the balance in our favour, he weighed in the biggest bag of the day and our two limit bags easily beat the only two limit bags for the boats, the result in the end was 18 fish for the tubes weighing in at 40lb 8oz and the boats returned 16 fish for a weight of 35lb 14oz.

On the domestic front Ric and Gary set the early pace – normal for Ric, but we count on him burning out by the end of May at the latest. Gary had his game face on right from the off, new kit sourced in the closed season, (I reckon his spending was similar to that of a Premier League Club looking to buy the title), and fully focused on getting results. He held his nerve right through to September and this ensured the closest finish we have seen to a championship for a few years. Tony was there or thereabouts but he decided to take a medically induced sabbatical three quarters of the way through the season, yours truly made a late surge, but I have to admit that two dodgy results, (LAST at Colwick and a dismal mid table finish at Thrybergh), really put paid to any hope of retaining the title this year.

John Even was the man to beat in the SW Region, John is an excellent angler and puts in a very consistent performance year on year, it’s a pity he can’t get to more northern region competitions as I’m sure he would push everyone else very close in the Jim Clements Trophy competition. So the first trophy of the 2016 season is awarded to John Even, he takes the new Snowbee SW Trophy, well done John.

Thrybergh this year was the venue for the traditional ‘Open’ competition but as we knew we’d have a good turn-out we doubled the day and also fished for the Chairman’s Pairs Trophy. The day was more eventful than challenging on the fishing front. Some anglers did very well and others struggled, there didn’t seem to be anything in between. This is somewhat strange as this venue normally fishes consistently well at this time of the year and we have recorded exceptional numbers of fish caught on our days there.

For Mr consistent 2016 this was just another day at the office. Ric took the best bag of the day and I believe he brought the most fish to hand. In terms of the Pairs, we had two new members, both Thrybergh regulars, and the luck of the draw placed them together for the day. Some would say that this gave them an advantage, however you still have to catch and you still have to have the combined best weight, nevertheless the lads did live up to expectation and they weighed in the best overall bag. So for 2016 the famous ‘T’ goes to Ric Dunnett and the Pairs Trophy goes to Steve Warren and Paul James.

Today’s Autumn Trophy is shared between Steve Frakes and Dave Williams. The word of the season is ‘challenging’ and today we use that word again, the weather turned truly awful for the afternoon session, and many of us just lost the will to continue. Steve Naylor made his comeback today and fished well, as did Ivan Slack, if either had landed the number of fish they had on or had pulls  from the story would have been completely different. As it is Steve and Dave managed to net four fish each and this was enough to win the day. Congratulations to both.
Finally to the prestigious Jim Clements Trophy for the angler with the most consistent performance over the season. I have to admit that if I wasn’t going to win it, (the writing was on the wall after Colwick and confirmed at Thrybergh), then I wanted to pass the Trophy on to Gary, family I know, but I also know how driven he was, checking the results after each competition and approaching each trip with incredible motivation. But as previously alluded to, Gary was to be outdone by an angler who supports virtually every event we run and this year; he has been exceptional, recording a first or second place in ten events. So after so many ‘nearly’ seasons it gives me great pleasure to announce this year’s BFTA Champion is Ric Dunnett. I think all members would agree this is very well deserved – congratulations Ric.


It was proposed by Steve Frakes and seconded by Ric Dunnett that the incumbent officers be re-elected en-bloc. The meeting carried this proposal unanimously.


Tony Parker gave a detailed summary of the points scoring system utilised this season, with a direct comparison to the old system. In real terms there was no influence on the overall winner as Ric was clear at the top under both systems. The minor places would have been affected slightly due to the countback employed on the old system, this would have meant that the Chairman finished second and Gary third instead of the opposite way round under the new system. There was some discussion at the meeting on the merits of both systems. After some debate Tony Parker proposed that we continue to employ the new system, this was seconded by Steve Frakes. The meeting voted 5 for and 5 against, thus leaving the Chairman the casting vote. The Chairman acknowledged the comments offered from the SW Region who in reality have no chance of winning the Jim Clements Trophy under the new system as they don’t get enough people attending their events to accrue the scores. With the new SW Trophy there is some compensation, but the Chairman is mindful that the governance of the Association is all inclusive and in no way do we want to see a North - South divide. After much deliberation the Chairman cast his vote for the new system remarking that he would like to review it again next year. Dave Carrie was thanked for his work in checking the scores and keeping us up to date with points positions.

With respect to the competition scene, there is no longer a requirement to have 6 people minimum for an event to be deemed a competition. The SW Region may continue to use the old system for scoring as this is more relevant for lower turn outs. Both Scoring systems will still be recorded, such that we have comparative data for next year’s AGM.

Venues for 2017 will be drafted by Kev Primmer and Steve Naylor and agreed with the Chairman. These will be published in due course on the web-site.

Kev. Primmer is the primary contact for the SW Waters, at some venues there are specific instructions regarding notification to the wardens and/or permission to go on the water, (two anglers minimum). All members are asked to contact Kev. for confirmation of arrangements.

The Chairman expressed concern about some of the functions on the web-site that appear to be unusable or unreliable. The web-site is our primary communication tool and as such needs to have accurate information on it and if a service like PayPal is offered then it is important that it works correctly. Tony Parker has tried in the past to correct items on the web as he has administrative rights, but he has only been partially successful. With Tony’s health issues it would be beneficial to have an additional administrator. The Chairman asked Russ Whitmore if he would consider helping on this matter. Russ agreed, he will contact Kev. Rivers who designed the web site and see if we can address the issues. The Chairman will liaise with Russ in a couple of weeks to check progress.
With no other matters to discuss the meeting was closed at 7.00pm.

Andre Russell

Title: Re: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: buzzerman on October 20, 2016, 07:56:12 PM
Good report Mr Chairman just one point did we not say all results to be published on the official BFTA site,and if other media was used that was up to them but we need results on the official site.

Title: Re: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: bracken on October 20, 2016, 11:16:51 PM
Absolutely Steve! This is essential for keeping accurate scores throughout the season. Yes - you are correct that this was stated / requested / agreed at the AGM.

Title: Re: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: andre on October 21, 2016, 01:30:00 PM
Thanks Steve, yes I can confirm we did speak about this, sorry I obviously didn't take a note of it.

I re-iterated at the meeting that this web-site is the primary communication tool for the BFTA and that whilst I recognise that we have a social media 'group' as well not all members including myself have social media accounts. When trying to keep a note of what is going on and having a need to compile an end of season report is important that people like me a have access to the important issues.

With this in mind I would like to once again appeal for all fishing reports and major discussion points to be posted on this site; by all means use social media particularly for sharing photo's etc. but please ensure the important 'stuff' is on here for us all to read, there is general interest in what members are up to particularly with competition results and information on how venues are fishing.

Many Thanks.


Title: Re: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: Ric the Red on November 06, 2016, 10:54:02 AM
Hello  comrade Chairman,
We went up to Ladybower Inn yesterday after the comp(I think Dave is going to do a bit of a report) and I had a word with the manager about having the AGM there next year, he is more than happy to let us have one end, and also do some food.
When the dates are sorted I will give him a bell and get it booked, and will confirm numbers nearer the day.

Title: Re: Minutes of the AGM - Torquay 2016
Post by: andre on November 07, 2016, 11:11:58 AM
Well done Ric, thanks. I'll talk to Kev this week to get an update on the 2017 'fixture list'