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Title: Welcome to Snowbee.
Post by: bracken on April 10, 2013, 05:50:12 PM
We are pleased to welcome Snowbee as a Trade Member of the BFTA. For many years we have benefited from their generous sponsorship, particularly at the Drift Reservoir competitions and more recently at the special days organised at Hayward's lake by Sportfish, Reading.

Snowbee have a high reputation for marketing a very good float tube in the UK over recent years. That tube has now been superceded by an even better new design which we are sure will be even more popular with members when a replacement FT is required, or a new tube is needed by a beginner.

I have abridged their joining letter below.

Russell is keen we sign up as Trade Members to the BFTA, I didn't realise there was a trade membership until looking today. We would like to extend an offer to all BFTA members of a 10% Discount from the RRP prices as printed in our annual Catalogue. From time to time we do have separate promotions and clearance prices which are separate from that, and only prices as listed at the time would then apply.
Hope this is a welcome proposal, and now we have Float Tubes and accessories back in our range again, (where last year we feared we would not any more), we are keen to support the BFTA where we can. Any serious float tubing individual should be a member of the organisation.    

    Simon M Kidd
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Snowbee (UK) Ltd
    +44 (0)1752 334931

 Please be aware that the 10% offer is only available to fully paid up BFTA members. Snowbee will be supplied with a current member's list by our Secretary!


Title: Re: New Snowbee Float Tube
Post by: kevin1 on May 06, 2013, 08:53:59 AM
I have tried the new Snowbee float tube , it is well made and the bladders are excellent. Any one who is considering a float tube sold in the UK would not find one better constructed.  It comes as a kit with a good  pump and a pair of fins.   The fins are very light and would be OK for backpacking .  All this comes in a carry bag.  It has two main bladders and a blow up seat and backrest.

Also BFTA members will get a 10% discount from Snowbee.

Kevin P

Title: Re: Welcome to Snowbee.
Post by: buzzerman on February 14, 2019, 11:31:13 AM
Do we still have Snowbee as a trade member and if so what code do we use for the10% discount