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Title: Roadford Fly Fair
Post by: kevin1 on February 06, 2014, 12:24:37 PM
Roadford Resrvoir are having a Fly Fair on 1st March 2014.

Russ and myself will be giving a demostration for the BFTA .

Time   Event   Location    Duration
10:20   Opening - Charles Jardine                                           Burrator room                                                   5 minutes
10:30   Charles Jardine tying a mayfly on the big screen              Meldon Room                                                  30 minutes
11:15   Gary Champion - double handed spey cast demo           Pontoon by waters edge                                  30 minutes
12:00   Jack Stein trout cooking demo                                   Balcony outside Burrator room                            30 minutes
12:45   British Float Tube Association                                         demo   waters edge                                          30 minutes
01:30   Mike Weaver tying river trout flies on the big screen      Meldon Room                                                  30 minutes
02:15   Mike Marshall - distance casting demo                           Grass area outside Burrator room                          20 minutes
02:45   Gary Champion tying a salmon fly on the big screen           Meldon Room                                                  30 minutes
03:15   Charles Jardine casting demo                                          Grass area outside Burrator room                          30 minutes
10am-4pm   The bar is open for food and drinks!   Burrator Room   
10am - 4pm   Fly dressing   Meldon Room   
10am - 4pm   Fly dressing Question and Answer Area   Meldon Room   
10am - 4pm   Fly casting Question and Answer Area   outside    
Kevin P

Title: Re: Roadford Fly Fair
Post by: kevin1 on March 02, 2014, 05:30:55 PM
We had a good day at Roadford,  Dave Williams , Russ Whitmore and myself represented the association and put on a demonstration . Dave had the microphone and did a excellent talk on the float fishing equipment and advantages of using a float tube. We demonstrated how to launch and move around and fish.

We had a lot of interest and hope we will get a few new members.

South West Water want to arrange a new competition on their Waters . This is float tubing five of the waters and having a points system for each one .  We need to finalise this with them so as to start it this year we suggested fishing on a Sunday fishing the afternoon into the evening. Start and finish will depend on the time of year.  The waters to fish would be Wimbleball , Kennick , Roadford, Siblyback and Stithians.  

We have several members in the south west who only can normally fish Drift and Wimbleball competitions, also it will help to increase our membership as all tubers will be required to be members of the BFTA

Title: Re: Roadford Fly Fair
Post by: buzzerman on March 02, 2014, 06:14:53 PM
Sounds like you had a excellent day Kev we'll done to you all.