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Title: Ringstead Results - August 16th 2014
Post by: bracken on August 16, 2014, 07:51:17 PM
Name                                Fish Caught                               Best Fish                     Total Weight                            Position

Tony Parker                          3                                    4lbs                            7lbs 8ozs                              1
Steve Frakes                        3                                                                      6lbs 8ozs                              2
Ric Dunnett                          1                                                                      2lbs 8ozs                              3
Dave Minogue                       1                                                                      1lbs 12ozs                             4

ANDRE RUSSELL Blanked       0                                                                              0                                8th = subject to adjudication!

Dave Carrie                           0
Terry Thomas                        0
Gary Cragg                            0

Nothing biased in this report as you can see above. A kindly old gentleman, (who hasn't been near the water for two years), showed all the whizz kids up - especially those who had been avidly practising for the event! Oh joy Alan! (This one is dedicated to you).

The reality of the day was a rod average of 1 - eight members netted 8 fish! It's just that two of them were luckier than the rest and had six between them. At least one fish was lost, and the successful pair did have other takes - so must have been doing something right for a change!