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Title: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: stevieN on October 26, 2015, 11:46:27 AM
The venue
Two raised "old type" waterworks reservoirs, mostly square, with fish cages in each reservoir. Scenic views of Beacon fell and in the distance Pendle Hill. Anyone getting out could look across and just glimpse Blackpool Tower in the distance.

A mixed bag of wind, rain , sunshine and cloud, After a squally and rainy start, the day became mostly fine.

13 dedicated men travelled from as far afield as Devon, however most were from the Midlands and North

The Fishing
The group split into two halves, and the plan was to fish your dedicated lake for 3 hours, have a half hour lunch break in the lodge, then Swop lakes for the final three hours. This worked well, although after spending a half hour over lunch in the presence of a terrific log burning stove, there was some reluctance to fish the last three hours.
In the morning session, all anglers had at least one fish, Dave Minogue had at least 7 by the break, including an estimated 6lbs plus brownie that was returned. Steve Frakes was hooking plenty, but landing few. Kev Primmer hooked a fish straight after launching, a nice blue but decided to return it... was that wise ?? at lunch he had only landed one more !!. Russ had a nice 3.5 lbs fish, as did Steve Naylor (yes he was fishing) Andre had three in the bag, Gary had similar. Over on Beacon lake, Brian heald had taken Three fish. Martin had bagged his four, Dave Carrie, I believe had one fish at the break. Ivan was also into fish.

I the afternoon, Gary went on to catch his limit, plus lots of others and he ended with 14 fish. Dave Minogue had a frantic last 15 mins losing fish and catching two very quickly on Cats Whisker to take his limit. Kev Primmer changed from the commonly used DI lines to a floater, with Black fritz and sedgehogs and took his limit, with some nice fish to end with 4 for over 10lbs...A catch which gave him the Back End Trophy and £65 from the sweep...Well done Kevin... Brian completed his limit and came second with over 9lbs...more importantly, he took the honours both in the Preston Derby with Dave C and also pipped Dave in this years Championship....Oh well there is always next year Dave !!

87 fish were caught, 40 kept and most anglers had a least one fish in the 3-4lbs range..Great fish and a great Fishery, well worth a visit if you in the area.

Many thanks to Frank at the Fishery, and many thanks to Martin Mayers who provided hot food for us all after the comp, prior to the AGM.
I will leave our Chairman Mr Russell to give you his report on the AGM

Steve N

Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: andre on October 26, 2015, 01:26:22 PM
Thanks Steve, good report that saved me a job for tonight can concentrate on tying those Sweet Susan Boobies that Gary slaughtered the fish with on Saturday. How long before Tony's on to get the pattern :-) ??

AGM minutes will be out as soon as I get a little time at work to get them typed up, Tony I'll forward a 'word' document to you for checking and upload.

The AGM was pretty uneventful in general. The only real issue to discuss was the scoring system for the JC Cup. After discussing the merits of all of the recent proposals and having a couple of votes the meeting agreed to adopt the Dave Carrie scoring system. As the Chairman I believe that we have always embraced change and the membership are very open and proactive in their support of the Association and as such I welcome the change and I think we should review how it has worked at the next AGM.

The trophies have now been collected, apologies for my oversight in picking them up on Friday for presentation on Saturday. Kev, you owe me £20, receipt will be in the post, could you text me your new address please. Tony your plaque is done I can post this out to you, again text me your address. Ric let me know when your at Thornton and I'll drop the pairs trophy up to you, Brian can have his 6 month share when we meet at Toft in the new year.


Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: davec on October 26, 2015, 02:26:25 PM
Great report Steve, I would like to clarify that I had 3 fish at the break unfortunately I lost 1 from my bass bag on entering the other lake ( thank you Andre for the present) I may have to purchase another one to keep my fish in and the one you gave me for catch and release venues only.  :D great day, great banter, company reasonable I suppose.

Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: bracken on October 26, 2015, 03:39:58 PM
Is there any reason that Leicestershire fly creations all sound as though the tyings were acquired in a Tart's Parlour? I would guess the essentials of this pattern would be pink with a couple of large rounded appendages! Probably also including large amounts of glittery stuff!................ But I could be wrong of course!

Any chance of shifting Barnsfold  a couple of hundred miles further South? I note that the Devon man had to win the prize to get himself his fare home again.

I'll have a go at sending you an email on my alternative account Andre. The Talktalk email is still not letting anything of mine out for some bizarre reason - plenty comes in but nothing goes out.

(I've replied to you three times Lupostie and it always gets returned - I would use the post but the stamps are too extortionate for a pensioner to buy)!

Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: andre on October 26, 2015, 04:10:36 PM
Sainsbury's will charge you 5p now for the type you had before my most generous donation so think hard Dave.


Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: buzzerman on October 26, 2015, 07:38:53 PM
Well Dave I think you should use one of Riks or Andre's hair nets for a bass bag. Think they would be big enough. Wouldn't want you to use Brakens net he seems to have more problems with nets than you do! Great day was nice to see Kev and Russ again. By the way Rik says to Martin who had the bigger weight this time.

Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: martin on October 27, 2015, 11:06:18 AM
Ric had the best weight........

Title: Re: Back End/AGM comp report
Post by: martin on October 27, 2015, 01:12:55 PM
Rik had the best weight........