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News: Next Comps will be at Burrator on March 23rd and Ladybower on March 30th
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 on: Today at 10:48:10 PM 
Started by kevin1 - Last post by kevin1
Kevin Primmer
Dave Williams
Chris Knight
Guy Wardle
Mick Dodkins

 on: Today at 09:54:38 PM 
Started by buzzerman - Last post by Ric the Red
Sounds like it's going To be a god day hopefully a good turn out good idea going from the car park comrade chairman

 on: Today at 09:51:52 PM 
Started by andre - Last post by Ric the Red
Good report comrade chairman,  congrats on the win and congrats to Ian on a magnificent bag of fish brilliant angling  mate.

 on: Today at 03:01:32 PM 
Started by buzzerman - Last post by andre
Been to the fishery this morning. The water is up by three to four feet however there is no guarantee that Severn Trent will not draw off before the weekend as they are still working below the dam. The place is fishing it's head off !

I am going to suggest that we turn up as early as we can, personally I'll be there between 8.00 and 8.30, park in the public car park. Do not park in the spaces immediately adjacent to the water, these are reserved for the disabled. Before setting up walk down to the lodge and purchase your ticket and log in on the register sheet at the back end of the lodge. I'm going to suggest a four fish C&R ticket for those interested in the competition points, if the turn out is low and you prefer to take a C&R ticket only then I'm ok with that, as you know I'm a season ticket holder and as such I'm entitled to take eight fish on my visit if I wish. I see we are upto four members registered so far, the water is in good condition and this looks like a good opportunity for some top of the water sport so if your undecided at the moment I would suggest watch the weather forecast and if it looks favourable give it a go.

All the best.


 on: Today at 02:53:04 PM 
Started by andre - Last post by andre
Ladybower Reservoir is establishing itself as a firm favourite on the BFTA's venue list. Richard and his team offer a warm welcome, the water is easily accessed and there is always a good head of fish in the lake.

Today was no different, a generally overcast day with a gentle breeze offered perfect conditions for the start of this meeting. Unfortunately with about an hour to go to weigh in the heavens opened and we were treated to some of the torrential rain that the poor folk of Lincolnshire have been experiencing.

We had a superb turnout for this event, fourteen good anglers, as good a turnout that we've seen for some time. Gary H is now settling in as one of our new members and now that his probationary period is over it was felt that he could take a share of the famous BFTA banter, he seemed to take it in good grace, let's see if he turns up for Thornton and/or Toft Newton !

The fish were in a taking mood from the off today. Personally I had three fish to the net in the first twenty minutes - Sweet Susan on the point of a clear intermediate doing the damage. The competitors basically split in to two groups after launch, the majority heading for the cage and dam end three or four opting for the causeway and far bank. Rods were seen bending in all areas. Gary C made his way pretty quickly toward the dam, this is his favourite area of the lake and to be fair he usually does very well here and manages to snag some of the bigger specimens that Ladybower has to offer. Iain was in his usual spot just in front of the cage and yet again he topped the catch list for the day landing twenty seven fish in the session. Ric too has a favourite spot on the far side of the cage, his approach is to go for quality over quantity and at one point this looked to be a sound tactic as two of his fish went over seven pounds, if he'd of 'knocked a couple of the two pound plus fish he latterly returned he may have secured a vital win, however it was not to be. Ric was on Crunchers and Diawl Bachs on an extremely long leader as is his style, he also had the best pull of the day and I witnessed it, his back cast nicely embedded in the cage ! Catching up with Gary C at the dam it was established that yet again he had made contact with the better fish, unfortunately though he hadn't managed to bag one losing a very good fish at the net. Nine fish to the net by lunchtime though was a good return and he didn't show any sign of slowing up in the afternoon session so a definite contender for the points today. Gary's favourite set-up for Ladybower is the Sweet Susan intermediate line approach and is the very reason I started the day on this set up. Basically you have the gaudy fly on the point and fish a couple of nymphs on the middle and top droppers, today for me it was montana and cormorant I think for Gaz it was damsel and possibly diawl bach. As the afternoon session went on we were joined by Steve F, Gary H, Bob and Ken. These had mixed results in this area, Steve had a slow start to the day but started catching well near the dam and at one point had a triple hook up ! He was fishing a washing line set up the same as Gaz and I however he had an olive booby on the point. Gary H and Bob were plugging away manfully with varying degrees of success, both were treated to an expertly tied sweet susan and for sure Gary took a fish on it, not sure about Bob because I didn't catch up with him before I left the fishery.

So to the weigh in, as you can see from the results post good numbers of fish were brought to the net today but ultimately the competition was decided on the weight of the fish killed to a maximum of four fish and only four anglers had actually knocked four. So what I thought was a fairly modest bag of fish, my largest was three pounds twelve ounces  I managed to grab first place and a very welcome fourteen points, Paul, Mick and Gary C picking up the next three places.

The highlight of the day for most of us was the sight of a Lancaster Bomber coming up the far arm at one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet, turning over Ric and myself and running to the dam ! an absolutely magnificent sight and a sound that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up ! sorry Tony that just beats tha c**p out of any nature as far as I'm concerned !

Our sincere thanks go to Richard and his team for yet another great day on Ladybower, we will return !


 on: Today at 10:56:51 AM 
Started by buzzerman - Last post by Salmo7723
book me in for this one please. Mick

 on: June 17, 2019, 10:42:26 PM 
Started by buzzerman - Last post by buzzerman
Sign up for Thornton Andre will post Thursday or Friday as to the water level and where we will launch from
Chemical twins
Mick Woodcock

 on: June 17, 2019, 09:24:23 AM 
Started by davec - Last post by davec
Cheers Andre champion so far.

 on: June 16, 2019, 10:19:10 PM 
Started by davec - Last post by andre
Thanks Dave, I have just altered the results table it doesn't make an awful lot of difference; the new member was Ken Hudson, he caught 7 fish but did not weigh any in.

Hope you're on the road to recovery and everything goes well with your next hospital visit.

All the best mate.


 on: June 16, 2019, 06:20:24 PM 
Started by davec - Last post by davec
2/   KEV PRIMMER              45 POINTS
3/   GARY CRAGG               41 POINTS
4/   DAVE WILLIAMS           39 POINTS
5/   STEVE FRAKES             37 POINTS
6/   BRIAN HEALD              35 POINTS
8/   PAUL GRADY                26 POINTS
9/   MARTIN MAYERS          24 POINTS
10/ RICK DUNNETT            18 POINTS
11/ DAVE MANOGUE          15 POINTS
12/ VAUGHAN TRY             14 POINTS
13/ PHIL PICKARD             13 POINTS
14/ TERRY THOMAS           12 POINTS
15/ JOHN OAKES               11 POINTS
16/ CHRIS KNIGHT            10 POINTS
      PAUL WALLACE            10 POINTS
      GARY HORSLEY            10 POINTS
19/ DAVE GERVERS             9 POINTS
20/ DAVE CARRIE                8 POINTS
      GUY WARDLE                8 POINTS
      RICHARD BERRY           8 POINTS
      NIGEL BURLEY              8 POINTS
24/ KIERAN TAYLOR            7 POINTS
25/ PAUL JAMES                  6 POINTS
      PAUL OSWIN                 6 POINTS
27/ SHAUN HIGGINS           5 POINTS
      JOHN DAGNALL             5 POINTS
      TONY BARCLAY             4 POINTS
31/ SIMON JAQUES             3 POINTS
      BOB CARNEY                3 POINTS  
33/ STEVE WARREN            2 POINTS
      GEOF STEPHENS           2 POINTS
37/ IAIN LINDSAY               0 POINTS
      JIM STALKER                 0 POINTS
      JILL CARNEY                 0 POINTS
      KEN HUDSON                0 POINTS

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