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Author Topic: ladybower meet Saturday 23rd July  (Read 2782 times)
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« on: July 24, 2016, 04:47:32 PM »

  Six staunch tubers ventured on to ladybower Steve f; Dave M; Phil; Brian and me and not to be left out IVAN. We started off the day with breakfast butties at various venues and I must admit Brian and I also had bacon butty takeaways for the mid day snack.
  We all took the C&R ticket £18 for the younger ones and £13 for us old sods. and we managed  to all park on the road layby so we didn't have to dodge the traffic to get our tubes down to the water.
  As I was standing I must say resplendent in my Nike shorts speaking to my wife on the phone, what I thought was a nasty little insect took a liking to my muscular bare legs as I turned round I found my assumption to be correct for there stood Steve Frakes laughing with some of my ripped out leg hairs in his hand.
  We launched around 9 o'clock the weather was warm and sunny and the water was flat calm but a ripple came on about mid day. The fishing was hard Brian was first to catch on a daddy but unfortunately this was his only fish to hand for the day. Steve had 3 fish (and a perch this was for Rick as he couldn't make it Steve said something about him having a bad hair day? ) I had 2 one of which was a 15lb + rainbow. Ivan had 1, Dave M had 1 and he was also hit on the shoulder with what he thought was a bird until he found a 10 incher (trout) wiggling round his rear end. Unfortunately Phil failed to catch.
  I would like to thank Ivan for offering to help me net my big fish as by then my arm was about re ady to drop off. Unfortunately he did not wind in his line and with the fish pulling me round in circles Ivan joined the dance and before I ended up hog tied he moved away but by this time his flies were tangled round my leader so I ended up trying to net the fish with his flies Ivan thinking he had a fish on was pulling in the other direction. when I eventually netted the fish it looked like it was decorated like a Christmas tree with Ivan's blobs and FAB's wrapped round it. good company good laughs cheers lads.    
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« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2016, 06:48:21 PM »

6 tubers think i must have just appeared at some I could see Dave was having trouble with the big fish, by the expression in his face . I was just like  he was tossing the Caber so I wrapped my line round it to help him as he did the island fling. Took great effort on my part to position my flies in the correct place to ease his arm. This is my version they say never trust a I got snapped off in the first 10 minutes just after Brian caught his. and then I hooked 3 others though the day but did manage one which was attacked by a pike and was a bit exciting, got him so far in as well till he saw Dave's expression and decided he didn't want any more of that and shot off into the deep.

Later that evening there were reports in the PIKE WEEKLY of a made scots man dancing on a large rainbows head as a daft englishman was out in the midday sun trying to lasso the trout shouting kippy-hi-yay.

Anyway Dave it was pleasure to help mate
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