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Author Topic: AGM 2017 Report  (Read 2097 times)
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« on: October 24, 2017, 03:28:18 PM »




Andre Russell, Ric Dunnett, Steve Frakes, Dave Carrie, Brian Heald, Gary Cragg, Carl Ward, Darren Lee, Tony Parker.


Dave Minogue, Kev Primmer, Russ Whitmore, John Even, Chris Owens, Mark Clayton, Ivan Slack, Martin Mayers, Steve Naylor, Phil Pickard, Andy Ward.


There are no matters arising from the 2016 minutes therefore the minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record, proposed by Steve Frakes and seconded by Ric Dunnett.


This year we have 77 paid up members and 6 honorary members. This remains as last year, some old members had not renewed but these have been replaced by new members. There has been an increase in members attendance of the competitions / meetings and it is the new members that appear to have taken advantage of this.

On the balance sheet we are showing £1,351.50 in credit, our major costs remain as the web-site, Angling Trust Membership and Insurance. Incidental costs such as postage, ink, paper, envelopes and trophy engraving remain stable at £132 for the year in total.

Andre Russell proposed acceptance of the balance sheet and this was seconded by Dave Carrie the meeting unanimously agreed.


Tony Parker gave a summary of the competition scene for this season, Tony continues to monitor the results kindly compiled by Dave Carrie after each meeting. The main reason for this is to establish any trends between the old scoring system and the now developed new system. Once again this year the championship has gone to the angler who scored the most points and it can be confirmed that the result would be the same under either system, there are different outcomes in the minor positions, but all in all the system seems to be working and the membership wish to keep this as our preferred scoring method. It is recognised that in the SW the guys there do still utilise the old system as their attendances are much smaller than here in the centre of the country. Discussion with Kev. and Russ has not highlighted any discontent - the membership as a whole appear to be happy with the way things are running.


From a personal point of view this has been a very enjoyable season. 60 members out of a total of 83 have attended at least one competition/meeting. This year in particular we have had the pleasure of welcoming more new members at the meetings and some of these have now achieved the dubious honour of ‘targets’ for our small team of report writers – this is the ultimate recognition of acceptance in the BFTA.

The first couple of meetings this season saw the highest level of attendance and Dave Carrie certainly took advantage of the situation registering very high scores that had the members of the established order sitting up and taking note – was this our 5000/1 shot for the title – it did not quite pan out as the tale of the Premier League ‘Immortals’ as I think Dave was ‘knobbled’ by his closest ally, then unfortunately he dropped back in to the minor places. Undoubtedly his confidence had been eroded by the eventual winner of the ‘Preston Challenge’ who inflicted an 8-5 season drubbing on him!

This season we have had the pleasure of fishing a couple of new waters, Scaling Dam and Leighton reservoir both made us very welcome. I am pleased to be able to announce that both would love to host us again next season. Maintaining the positive note, Blagdon are back in discussion with Kev Primmer with a view to restoring float tubes on this exceptional water, there had been a temporary halt on us due to a complaint from the ‘twitchers’ however I think this can be resolved.

Sadly, Wimbleball looks lost to us for at least a season, SW Water have put the reservoir up for lease and Kev Primmer is hopeful that a new tenant will be found, but this may take some time. I also have to report that due to council cut-backs it looks like Colwick Park will not remain as a trout fishery.

United Utilities continue to play ‘shadow games’ with both ourselves and the Angling Trust, they’ll keep passing the buck up and down their management structure to ensure no decision is made and no-one can be held accountable – such is the management strategy of the current and ex public sector bodies.

So on a more positive note let’s move on to this season in general; The Steve Parton Memorial Trophy was retained by the tubers again this year. In my opinion this year’s result was the best so far. The fishing was challenging and we were under pressure from the very start. Three boat anglers had bagged up by noon and we were just persevering and frankly struggling. By the time I paddled in 10 minutes or so before full time I felt we had been beaten, albeit I knew we had all caught and at least two of the boat anglers had blanked. The weigh-in didn’t really give any clues as to the outcome. However, the tally-up did tell it’s own story – thanks to outstanding performances from Steve, Ric, Wardy, Andy Ward and Brian we managed to average three fish per angler, over the boat return of two fish per angler. The result was not really in doubt, another clear win. Thank you to all who attended and well done on a superb team effort.

For the Championship, Dave’s early demise left the top spot up for grabs and Carl Ward put in a series of consistent good results, this saw him rise to the top of the pile by mid-season.

Dave Williams put together a string of good results in the SW and this was enough for him to secure top spot for the season. So today I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Snowbee SW Trophy is Dave Williams, well done Dave.

The Pairs Trophy was fished last week at Thornton as sadly this season we have lost the traditional home for this competition, Thrybergh. As in previous years Ric put in a blinding performance and his partner supported him with an average bag that ensured a clear win by 1oz over Steve and Andy Ward, so this year’s Pairs Trophy is awarded to Ric Dunnett and Andre Russell.

The autumn trophy fished for today at the Eyebrook was a very interesting affair, never at this time of the year have I known a venue fish so well, the average catch for the day was a little over 8 fish per angler – outstanding. Top bag on the day and this years winner is Steve Frakes, Steve landed 17 fish today, 5 before I’d even launched! Congratulations to Steve.

Finally, the Jim Clements Cup for the top angler of the season. The final table shows nothing between the top four but this trophy tends to favour the most consistent performer and deservedly so, this year that person is Carl Ward.


All bar one of the Officers have agreed to stand, Steve Naylor has indicated that he wishes to stand down from the position of Vice Chairman. I would like to place on record my personal thanks to Steve; he has been very supportive to me during his tenure and I shall miss his council. Steve will remain as a member and I hope he will help us with organising events such a Leighton.

From the floor it was proposed by Dave Carrie and seconded by Ric Dunnett that Steve Frakes be considered for the position of Vice Chair, the meeting unanimously agreed. From the same source it was proposed to re-elect all other officers en-bloc and the meeting also agreed this.


Kev Primmer has reported that there will be no competitions in July and August next year due to the prevailing weather conditions. The SW region will hold more events at the beginning of the season.

Steve Frakes has been approached by Ladybower to hold an open day event where we can demonstrate float tubing and get anglers out on the water. The BFTA is happy to support this. We now have ‘gear’ kindly donated by Graham Ward (ex-secretary) for this very purpose. The Chairman will contact Kev Primmer to ascertain whether we still have a banner available that we can use to advertise the association.

Darren Lee raised the point about tubing at Ravensthorpe, everyone agrees this is a fantastic venue. However, we stopped fishing it when a £10 launch fee was introduced. Darren believes he may be able to get this waived, he will talk to the Fishery and advise for next season.

The meeting have requested that Rutland be approached again for next season, there is an understanding that the fishing area will be restricted, but those present would like the opportunity to fish this venue if possible – the Chairman will take this on board to see what can be arranged.

There was no other business to discuss the meeting was therefore called to a close.

Andre Russell
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« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2017, 03:35:15 PM »

I must say this is an outstanding report Mr. Chairman - beautifully formatted and done so promptly too. Well done that man!
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« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 07:38:58 AM »

Good report Mr Chairman
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