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Author Topic: Report of the Bushlease Friendly - January 26th  (Read 4018 times)
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« on: January 26, 2008, 06:06:13 PM »

 Cheesy A dozen or so members arrived at the water near Lechlade full of anticipation for a good days fishing. Bushylease is a very attractive water of approximately 22 acres, with mature woodland at one end, and in other places, pleasant grass banks interspersed with small willows which inevitably promote natural fly life. As a water it is ideal for float tubing and also has the distinct advantage of not having the banks too far away to swim for if the tube inconveniently goes down. The weather was remarked on by all as being ideal, sunny, but a little fresh, with a breeze making a nice ripple on the water, without  producing the waves that some of the hardier members had been enduring in recent weeks. However, Russ did mention later that the North West arm was two overcoats colder than the rest of the water – most of us wear body fleece and waders, but each to their own!

These BFTA members had travelled from diverse and far-flung parts of the UK, including Southampton, Leicester, Bristol and South Wales. We were also joined by three Fen Tigers from Spalding, (one of whom had made the log trip to Bushylease on the previous two weekends to get a bit of practice in)! The keenest lads were there at 8 am and ready to launch not many minutes later, but were soon joined by the others, who quickly started the subtle enquiries about tactics and types of fly to use. After wide discussion, the carefully considered opinions resulted in the decision that just about any fly and type of line would be adequate – and this proved to be the case. Pity Andre couldn’t tear himself away from decorating to join us, he might have caught a fish or two!?

After launching, Kevin Primmer hooked a fish second cast, his son Craig almost immediately got into another, quickly followed by Tony and Russell - so there were four rods bent virtually simultaneously into plus trout all within 40 yards of the fishing lodge within minutes of starting. Subsequent analysis revealed that the flies consisted of a black buzzer, a nomad, a cormorant and a green, glass beaded, leggy job, that the Secretary should have known better than to admit he was using! A feature remarked on by several members later in the morning was how strongly the fish were fighting, many took a long time to subdue sufficiently to get to the net and a few managed to shake themselves off. By lunchtime at least one fisherman complained of arm-ache, but everyone else thought he was showing off! A few browns were hooked and carefully released to add to the interest and excitement of the day. Some bigger fish in the class had been seen rising during the morning, and it was reported that at least one bank angler was catching on dry flies. From the float tubes, takes varied between vicious tugs resulting in fish tearing away and stripping off yards of backing, to extremely gentle takes slightly shifting a kink in the line, which would only be noticed by the more expert and experienced anglers.

Most members bagged up by lunchtime and were able to sit and have sandwiches and an informative friendly chat while the gear dried out in the wind. It was noted that the new ‘must have’ piece of tubing kit seemed the be a waterproof camera to take humiliating pictures of the more thoughtful and quiet piscators.  A couple of the fen tigers reckoned that theirs worked at 40 metres depth, some of us thought that they ought to spend a bit more on new tubes if they reckoned they were going to need to take photos down there!? With luck some of the pictures of the day’s events will appear in the gallery section of the website – there was plenty of action to photograph.

In summation, the weather was brilliant, the fishing was superb, the company was extremely friendly and a great day was had by all who attended.
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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2008, 08:13:57 PM »

Dear Bracken (I know who you are !!! ),

Glad you had a good day at Bushyleaze, however taking the micky out of the chairman whilst he is amounting oodles of brownie points for the new season by decorating for the boss is not big and its not clever.

Just remember I've only lent you that trophy and I've just been informed by the Web Master that I am a Global Moderator so watch your step 'cause I can bar you from the site.

For any prospective new members reading, this is the stick that you have to be prepared to take if you join this happy but slightly mad bunch of anglers.

Anyway, decorating is finished so the trout better take cover !!

Thornton is not looking very pretty at the moment, typically just as we got the whiff of a new season the weather cut up bad and the water looks like dirty cold coffee. Visibility is down to less than a few inches. A few hardy souls braved opening day last Friday, I think more out of tradition than anything else. Visited briefly today just to check on the water condition, the log book shows a handful of fish caught but plenty of blanks. Anyone thinking of visiting should ring Ifor at the Lodge before travelling, he will always give you an honest assessment of the situation such as to avoid a disappointing day.

Russ and I have been talking about a day on the bank at Toft Newton, this will be a mid-week trip, us hard working executive types just have to get away for some stress busting you know, just waiting for a report from Jason to see how his water is holding up (if you know what I mean).

See you soon.

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