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Minutes of the British Float Tube Association AGM
Held on Saturday October 10th 2009

Members Present:
A.Russell (Chairman), K.Primmer (Sec/Treasurer), T.Parker (Press Officer), A.Ward, S.Ward, S.Frakes, R.Dunnett, M.Mayers, S.Naylor, J.Clements, D.Minogue, D.Carrie, B.Heald, J.Dagnall.

R.Whitmore, M.Hadfield, J.Even, S.Cole, R.Shaw, D.Williams, D.Shipley, I.Gedney.

Prior to the start of the meeting the Jim Clements Trophy for the BFTA championship was presented to the 2009 winner – Steve Naylor.

1.   2008 AGM:

The minutes of the previous AGM were reviewed, these were agreed as a true record.
Propsed: A.Ward Seconded: D.Carrie: Carried unanimously.

2.   Matters Arising:

2.1   Tony Parker reported that little success had been achieved since the last meeting with formal Press Releases, however following discussion with the Sportfish representatives at out meeting at Haywards Farm last week, there was some confidence that Trout Fisherman Magazine would be interested in our information.

2.2   Banner – Andre Russell confirmed that whilst initial discussion had taken place on this idea, no action had been taken, this will be followed up.
   Action: A.Russell.

3.0   Secretary / Treasurers Report:

3.1   2009 had been a successful year with the majority of the meetings being well attended. We now have 75 paid up members and interest from potential new members is encouraging. This year we have secured both Kenwick and Roadford as permanent new venues for tubing.

3.2   The balance sheet was presented. We have £1971.80 on hand. Major expenses during the last 12 months has included £350 to Bushyleaze for members shortfall on last seasons back end meeting – due to this cost the venue has been removed from our formal meeting circuit. £110 was used for the on-going web-site administration costs, £90 was used for repair and re-engraving of the Jim Clements Trophy and £50 was used to subsidise the BBQ for the Mid-Summer meeting. The balance sheet was approved by the meeting.
   Proposed: S.Naylor Seconded: J.Clements. Carried unanimously.

4.0   Chairmans Report:

4.1   The Chairman first of all conveyed his congratulations to Steve Naylor for winning the 2009 Championship. Steve had fished consistently well throughout the season and fully deserved the success. It is really encouraging that a new member in his first season with the BFTA has embraced the spirit of the Association and attended every meeting often standing in for the officers and helping other members. That said the gauntlet has been thrown down and certain members will being trying that bit harder next year to ensure this very nice man does not get too easy a run at the cup next year !

4.2   Echoing the sentiments of the Sec/Treasurer, the Chairman stated that the turn out for the meetings was very pleasing and that the number of newer members joining in was most encouraging. One of the BFTA’s main aims is to get like minded anglers together and promote float tubing around the country – this objective appears to be fulfilled and the Chairman expressed his pleasure at being able to fish with such a friendly group of people. 

4.3   The Chairman wished acknowledgement to go on record for the work completed by the Secretary in organising most of the events this year and indeed to all those members who had weighed in with their help to make a successful and thoroughly enjoyable season. Thanks also go to our resident scribe, Tony Parker, his reports are eagerly anticipated by all if only to ensure the inevitable ‘slagging off’ is justified. Tony normally posts a report within 24 hours of a meeting, this shows real dedication and the membership as a whole are very grateful for his efforts.

5.0   Election of Officers:

5.1   It was proposed from the floor that all Officers be re-elected en-bloc.
   Proposed: T.Parker Seconded: D.Carrie Carried unanimously.

6.0   Any Other Business:

6.1   Tony Parker raised the point that there are only a limited number of members posting on the web site, he asked all present to consider posting something on a regular basis in the hope this would encourage others to join in.

6.2   John Even had asked that consideration be given to fishing one venue only for the Jim Clements Trophy thus reverting back to a one off match. This was discussed at length, the attendees had reservations as to whether this would encourage a better turn out and the issue of losing trophies to one time attendees as with the European Open trophy was a real concern. The meeting unanimously voted to keep the championship format as is.

6.3   Andy Ward proposed that the Committee members and founder members of the BFTA be granted honorary membership. The Chairman pointed out that if this motion was passed it would mean the following people would be eligible:
   Andre Russell, Kevin Primmer, Tony Parker, Russ Whitmore, Jim Clements, Ifor Jones, Steve Parton and Mark Perry.
   Additionally Chas Hamilton and Ian Taylor were at the inaugural meeting of the BFTA, Chas we know now lives abroad and we have lost contact with Ian as he is no longer involved with trout fishing as far as we know.
   Steve Naylor seconded Andys’ proposal and the Chairman put the motion to the vote.
   Votes for: 10 Votes against: 0 Abstentions 4 Motion is carried.

6.4   The meeting asked if the car sticker initiative could be resurrected. Russ Whitmore had done some work on this the Chairman would discuss it with Russ.

6.5   John Dagnall requested that a formal brief be given before each meeting. The Chairman acknowledged this request and it will be implemented for the new season.

6.6   2010 Events – a list of proposed events is attached.

Andre Russell – Chairman.
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