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Author Topic: Millets Farm - Publicity weekend 8th & 9th June.  (Read 2473 times)
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« on: June 09, 2013, 10:18:28 PM »

What a cracking weekends fishing I have just had - good weather, and amongst the brilliant hospitality of really friendly Millet's Fly fishing club members. It's a crying shame nobody else was able to join me, because you missed some brilliant fishing, and it wasn't particularly easy either. My smallest fish was over two pounds, and the largest over four pounds, and boy did they go when hooked. I have burn marks on my thumb and left index finger stump where the line was being stripped through them off the apron, the fish then proceeded to strip line off the spool against the brake! Not something that I have experienced much of in recent times despite the number of fish I have had on and played out before losing them!

Today, I introduced the Assistant Manager Mark, to the joys of float tubing. He took to it look a duck to water. He can now speak from first hand experience in any discussions on the merits, difficulties and advantages of float tube angling. I think he had a great day! He had the best part of four hours in a tube so must have liked it. A lot of the public spectators showed great interest in float tubing and asked questions about the equipment and how it was 'driven'. Although I was able to field a few of the questions, most of this was done by the Millet's farm fly fishing members, who sadly of course have no direct experience. Unusually, a lot of interest was shown by female spectators, and at least a couple of these requested our BFTA flyers to take away.

All my fish were taken on daddies and hoppers fished dry. I had a couple of dry black flies drowned by fish as well. I love dry fly fishing and find it exciting, especially when fish are not topping and you are trying to work out where they might be. The bulge and splash of a rising fish is always an adrenaline moment, particularly when you tighten to solid resistance, usually then followed by some explosive behaviour from a very surprised trout. What's even more interesting is that all my daddies and hoppers were dressed on barbed hooks (I haven't needed any up to now this season so haven't tied any on barbless hooks), - not one fish came off!! All I have to do now then is find a reliable source of pingy well tempered barbed hooks and I might get a few in the net at comps again.

A lot of the fish were very tight against the bank, requiring some long accurate casting under overhanging trees. There was also quite a bit of being careful not to hook the ducks and coots rushing for the bread the spectators were feeding them in one productive area. Oddly these fish rarely came to a daddy, but I'll bet one of Darren's sugar cube float flies would have worked a treat here. I did get a couple of light pulls on buzzers on the smaller lake, but nothing that connected. There were a lot of fish topping on occasions on this lake, but none would take. A couple of the members and the Fisher Manager John, invoked some incredible bow waved follows by dragging deerhair flies quickly over the surface. Great fun but not productive. I had the same result when dragging an oddball 'fly' quickly over the surface when heading for the landing shore at the end of the afternoon.

There are pictures of Stevie and Andre from our previous visit, on the Millet's Farm website under the fly fishing prompt. Ben, the young lad shown tying flies, was brilliant at it and was there again this weekend doing a great job.

Many thanks go to John, Mark, Robert and all the very friendly folks at Millet's Fly Fishing club for their kind invitation and a smashing couple of days fishing.

A picture of Mark first time float tube fishing in idyllic surroundings:-

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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 11:52:11 AM »

good report Tony, It sounds like you really enjoyed it. A bit too far for me and Brian to attend but my thanks to you for promoting the association. I am glad you may have sorted out your fish staying on the hook problem. I use kamasan hooks but only the strong wire ones like B110 instead of the lighter wire B100 and for my thinner wire I use varivas barbed with the barb flattened. 
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