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Author Topic: AGM Minutes from Barnsfold 2015  (Read 14185 times)
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« on: October 27, 2015, 03:16:26 PM »



Andre Russell, Kevin Primmer, Steve Frakes, Richard Dunnett, Russ Whitmore, Martin Mayers, Steve Naylor, Gary Cragg, Dave Carrie, Brian Heald, Ivan Slack, Dave Minogue, John Dagnall,

John Even, Phil Pickard, Tony Parker, Dave Williams, Jim Shaliker, Guy Wardle.

There are no matters arising from the 2014 AGM

Number of paid up members stands at 62 and we have 5 honorary members. This is a very slight increase on 2014. Kev will make contact with Kev Bush and Mick Durbin to see why they have not re-joined this year. On the positive side, SW Water now insist that tubers visiting their waters must be BFTA members. This is an insurance issue. In future members only will be allowed, and they must quote their membership number when checking in before fishing. With SW Water now looking after Drift we expect to see an increase in membership of anything between 5 and 10 anglers from this region.

In terms of finance, we have £1489.33 in the account and £18.68 cash on hand, so a total of £1508.01. The web administration charge is still to be accounted for but there is no issue with this. The insurance premium is due - again no issue. Once again the membership has raised the issue of fees. The bank balance remains relatively stable through each year; it is generally felt that if there is enough money in the bank to enable us to run the Association then there is no point in raising fees just to put addition money in to the coffers. The Chairman proposed that the fees stay at £10.00 - this was seconded by Steve Naylor and passed unanimously by the meeting.

Ric Dunnett proposed acceptance of the balance sheet, seconded Steve Frakes, - the meeting agreed.

An uneventful year really; no water authority ‘high handedness’ to deal with and no members throwing themselves in to the water and thus testing our safety instructions and guidelines.

The Steve Parton Memorial Match was a complete success this year as the Tubers wrestled the trophy back from the Boat Anglers with a weight of 67lb to 33lb. There was an excellent contribution to the final result from all of our guys with no blanks recorded. The outstanding performances included Brian Heald who out-caught everyone in the field and Ric Dunnett who despite being fishless at lunchtime persevered for his 4 fish limit, netting his last fish in the last half hour. A special mention goes out to Andy Ward who has been struggling with health issues. Andy put in a very decent 3 fish bag even though he had to finish very early due to being in extreme discomfort. Well done to all who attended - obviously the right royal rollicking given out after last years performance paid off! Who said that dictatorial, autocratic management styles were dead ?!

For the domestic season – Steve Frakes and Ric Dunnett set off with a lot of promise, Steve was consistent throughout the season; Ric appeared to peak in April, (he could have actually gone on holiday until September), but came back with a late run in the last few competitions. Both will be strong contenders for next season.

Dave Williams in the SW region is the man to watch, he recorded 4 wins this season - results that gave him a real chance of the Jim Clements Cup.

The Chairmans Pairs Trophy was won this year by Brian heald and Ric Dunnett. The match was fished in conjunction with the SP Memorial and it is fitting that our top two rods were paired and took the trophy, congratulations to both.

The Thrybergh Open was won by Tony Parker and I understand this win initiated some ‘playful banter’ as the famous ‘T’ was handed over for safe keeping. Tony is a stalwart of the Association, he attends virtually every event, works very hard behind the scenes and everyone agrees he writes the best reports for the web site.

Todays Autumn Trophy winner is Kev Primmer. Kev was fishless at the lunch break having returned  a number of fish that he considered a bit on the small side. Realising that the 2lb fish were the better sized fish, he corrected the situation in the afternoon session and then capped his bag with a nice 5lb + fish. Well done Kev.

Finally the prestigious Jim Clements Trophy for the angler with the most consistent performance over the season. As previously reported Dave Williams recorded 4 wins this season as did the Chairman, unfortunately for Dave the countback scores revealed one second place for him and two for the Chairman, so the trophy remains in Leicester for 2015.

It was proposed by Ric Dunnett and seconded by Steve Frakes that the incumbent officers be re-elected en-bloc. The meeting carried this proposal.

Venues for 2016 were discussed and an outline plan established. 9 competitions are scheduled for the South / SW region and 13 competitions are scheduled for the Midlands and the North. The Chairman, Kevin Primmer & Steve Naylor will firm up some dates and publish a calendar on the forum. Rutland will remain on the calendar despite the fact that we will only ever be allowed in the restricted North Arm area. There is interest in re-visiting Ravensthorpe, the Chairman will establish if Anglian Water have dropped the £10.00 launch fee introduced at the end of 2013.

Competitions are open to all members to attend, irrespective of the region they are being held in. Obviously it is understood that the cost of travelling, fishing and possibly accommodation is a factor - it is however nice to see some cross representation at the meetings and the Chairman would encourage those that can find the time and the funding to try one or two of the waters at the extremes of the regions, we are lucky to have some premier waters on offer to us and it would be a shame if members missed out on the opportunity to fish these waters.

There has only been one issue on everyones’ agenda prior to the meeting, the scoring for the Jim Clements Trophy. The system we currently have awards 1 point for a win, 2 for second, 3 for third etc. This has served us well for a number of years and fundamentally everyone has been happy. With the excellent work done by our SW membership more waters are now available and more competitions are being held in the region, this is good for the Association and is to be welcomed. In the spirit of the original set-up members have tabled that the scoring system be changed to take in to account the number of anglers attending the event, thus we have had open discussion on awarding points related to the number of anglers so in a 12 man match 12 points will be allocated to the winner, 11 for second and 10 for third etc.

Steve Naylor has tabled an idea to run two separate regional leagues with the top three anglers from each league attending a central location for a one match fish off for the trophy.

Ivan Slack proposed a formula one style points system or ‘dartboard’ system whereby the winner receives 50 points, 25 for second 20 for third and then 19,18,17 etc.

The meeting discussed the merits of each system, the ‘dartboard’ system was unanimously rejected. The Chairman asked for proposals based on the remaining options.

Russ Whitmore proposed that we actually leave things as is, no change, this was seconded by Martin Mayers. A vote was taken, For: 5 votes, Against: 5 votes, Abstain 2 votes.

The Chairman had the casting vote – the motion was defeated.

Dave Carrie proposed we adopt the associated scoring system, (no.of anglers/event), this was seconded by Steve Frakes. A vote was taken, For: 7 votes, Against 5 votes, Abstain 1 Vote. The motion is carried.

For 2016 the winner of a formal pre announced competition will receive the points associated to the number of anglers present.

With no other matters to discuss the meeting was closed at 5.40pm.

Andre Russell
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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2015, 03:35:41 PM »

An excellent report from the Chairman, and hearty congratulations to him for winning the Jim Clement's Trophy yet again.

I can tell there was not too much alcohol imbibed at this meeting, as the business appears to have proceeded affably, and with tremendous common sense applied to the discussions. The really good outcome, is that the Chairman was not so hung-over that he managed to get the report to me in less than the usual four months or so after the event!?

Even better, is that personally in the middle of a hell of an angina attack with seriously skipping heartbeats, I've managed to post the report and highlight it on a very unfamiliar Macbook. (If you have used Windows for thirty years, then Mac's are not very intuitive or user friendly I have found)! It is not helped by the total arrogance of Apple assuming that the whole world knows how to use their kit, at vastly extortionate prices - and they don't bother to give you any user guides etc.

I look forward with interest to the implementation of the new points scoring system next season - and the impending discussion at next years AGM in review of same! It will be interesting if a second or third place person in four big comps wins it will it not? (Unlikely but it could happen)!
Ric the Red
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« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2015, 10:17:11 PM »

Steve and I were talking of the scoring system on the way home and I believe it will benefit a consistent angler and somebody could win the cup without actually winning a match, that will give us something to discuss at the next AGM.
On the whole a Good year's fishing with good company, good to see Stevie, Russ and Kev, congratulations  Mr chairman on your win.
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